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Humor by Phoen1x (Read all (if managed)
crv-Phoen1xDate: Wednesday, 2008-01-09, 3:52 AM | Message # 1
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Humor by Phoen1x (Read all (if managed))

crv-Phoen1xDate: Wednesday, 2008-01-09, 8:23 AM | Message # 2
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Want to get acquainted with Bear Michael?

I am a normal guy with a healthy sexual orientation and
respective desires and needs. But I have a huge problem. U
us in a parallel group learns a wonderful girl. Rare Beauty,
a person simply staggering figure (model will see - obzaviduyutsya), except
it is a freshman, studying fine, no strumpet, a decent, of the secured
Family (rodoki her live in a nearby town, but only dochurke filmed here
a small apartment and regularly provide cash). Many thereto
tried to roll, but somehow it all otshivala. I, too, and its propellant is not
know why, but I went all the best. First, I, for some
time, it gradually zakidyval rods, which were sitting together in companies, and
then as the bloc together in a discotheque, and it recognized in me the winner of its
tender heart. After this walk as a nightlife, poetry, romance,
passionate kisses and now we find ourselves in her apartment. Few entering the room,
It starts impatiently razdevat me, frustrate themselves clothes, asking whether I would like
I have it. Why ask me if I went the whole obkonchalsya yet. She remains in
lacy underwear and said: "I want you madly, let's take a look at love, but
you must first meet Michael "- and plants on the sofa toy
bear such a large, the sex of human growth. My brain so zaskripeli
that probably has been heard. And it prigovarivaya, "well, it trahni, well," trahni,
put the bear in roller-elbow position, and reveals to his perineum
a small fissure, which vshito something elastic. Here, my members, before that the entire
overcome evening walk, Kolisnyk point. My beauty is not panic, with styanula
me pants, and by continuing to chirp, and gives impromptu beginning of my farm. Her hands
surprisingly quickly brought me, but the prospect of such a master simpatyulkoy (
Yes, and I drank for courage), allowed her to draw me into this wild-type event.
She smazala member of my crack and the bear cream, and I slowly began his pitch. I
I am now doing this insanity, and the head roam sad thoughts: "where did
I got ". Experience so neither fish nor meat, one word - Teddy Bear. This
like podrochit. And judging by appearance, I have this first bear. I
Here are my rhythmic movements interrupted istoshnym rushed to one side. Oborachivayus I, and
there in my armchair tormentress quite bare sits, legs crossed on the armrests,
One hand holds for chest and the other to Matt terebit vehemently. Between
moaning me shouts: "stronger trahay it! Stronger! ". I have bad that soobrazhayu
happens tense start to bear hard, and he suddenly as zarevet (
it is built krichalka, but something seemed to me that he came). You
imagine yourself in my place, that I had to experience. So impotentami and
become. But the closeness of her body, and delicious with the use of masturbation
Bear, have led me to conclude. Before the eruption, most girlfriend Embarrassed
My weapon of Labor and sent to a finish in the mouth. The whole balance of the night, we
engaged in healthy, delicious sex, without the toy
master of the taiga. After such a beginning, we strongly drawn to it. At a meeting
kisses, walks after school - obzhimaniya, although I often recall with horror, that
I had to go through. A few days later, it led me to a sleep
home. I thought that was an isolated case, however, and this time all
happen again. First, the bear cancer while she watches, and then unearthly
sex with a girlfriend. I became so every time. Even when it was monthly, it
uprosila me pitch stuffed animals, and herself, onaniruya, filled with blood
polkresla. Although then put in its pristine popochku, and this was
flawlessly. And now she fell in love with me madly. All around me are Envious terribly,
I have such a beautiful girl, and that I sleep with such a miracle, they do not know
through what I had to go through this.

crv-Phoen1xDate: Wednesday, 2008-01-09, 8:23 AM | Message # 3
Group: Administrators
Messages: 65535
Reputation: 50
Status: Offline
The relationship we have excellent, and
head it is OK: always shown unprecedented logic and
intelligence until I meet with Michael - here everything goes awry. I
convinced of the existence of a mental deviations: the toy - I mean
fetishist, this animal - I mean zoofil, and finally, he addressed manhood --
I mean blue. All my attempts to learn about the meaning of the bear on her arm
complete silence, and that talking about it reinforces our sexuality at its
reassurance that this is just a game, which can not like me. Case in
that I gradually fell in love with her, too, and I really would not like it
part ways. So I metayus in finding the correct decision. People! Help me!
Advise what to do. On the one hand a wonderful girl, I want to be with her
always on the other side there was no desire to pitch every time favourite

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