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Verba League USSR

(mode -HLCCL)
You can play home map only wich shown at web site.
If u want to change your home map: use forum vlussr or contact any of admins and it will be changed in 1 week.
If oponent is agree you can play it without waiting week
All registrations of players and changing their maps go on forum.
maps: Ag_Crossfire, Agony, Boot_Camp, BootCampX, Bounce, Crossfire, Dabo, Datacore, Endcamp, Frenzy, Farewell, Gasworks, Havoc, Homeworld, Isotonic, Lost_Village2, No_Remorse, Outcry, Rapidcore, Rustmill, Scary_1, Stalkx, Stalkyard, Snark_pit, Undertow, Vengeance, Lost_Village, Echo, Xbounce. 

!With all questions to admins!

!Possible further evolutions and adjustments!
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Raiting AG(Ukraine)
1. Alex
2.  Verba
3. Jeka
4.  Slim
5. Skr1n
6. Maxi
7.  Phoen1x
8.  LoLo
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